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The crappy, tedious chores. "But they do have to be written!", you say. Correct. Every time. So why can't we change that? Tim Bushell


Developers, create read update and delete no more. We'll do them and we'll do them well, so you don't have to.

eliobones provides endpoints for manipulating a "thing"'s data, according to the design_pattern.

eliobones is a collection of Restful APIs and servers, for https://schema.org schemaTypes, supporting client applications.

eliobones Dogma

At its heart are the ribs of bones, a collection of endpoints you can call. These always operate on a whole "thing" of data.

But there more to it than that: These endpoints are merely the CRUDDY requirements every app has, but they are also the blue print for creating custom endpoints for your applications which can perform such tasks as enrolStudentT, findBestDescriptionT, convertImperialToMetricT, canWeSaveTheDolphinsT


Reusable endpoints for eliobones projects, and a CLI for calling them, the elioWay.


A yeoman generator wrapping bones, for the more cautious, the elioWay.



Rest API in NodeJs with zero dependencies, the elioWay.


File system database written in NodeJs with only lodash dependencies, the elioWay.


Restful API with endpoints to handle schema.org data and save it in a MongoDb, the elioWay.


Gets the Schema for your eliobones, the elioWay.


Client apps for your eliobones, the elioWay.