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And the forms!
OMG, the forms.
OYG, the forms!
All the gods, WTF!

I don't want to write another form. I don't want to have to write "form.onSubmit" ever again. Tim Bushell

Made Flesh

elioflesh provides the UX, handles templating, and is responsible for pulling the four elioWay layers of an app together.

elioflesh groups client applications, for https://schema.org schemaTypes, written in a range of frameworks, the elioWay.

elioWay is semantic. Apps should be focused on providing functionality suitable to the engaged thing's type because the user expectation for working with an Action is different to a MapItem or Image

elioflesh Dogma

Flesh revealed

Of all the layers in the elioWay stack, elioflesh is the least developed. Completion would mean this project hits the milestone of having a fully working prototype.

Below are some of the projects which are either early attempts to play with the idea, or strands needing some love and development.

Early prototype

A RESTful Evented Javascript client built on top of SammyJs (a tiny javascript framework built on top of jQuery), the elioWay.

On Hold

VUE library with components built the elioWay.



Let's just convert "things" into HTML elements for forms and view.


Gets the Schema for your elioflesh, the elioWay.


RESTful APIs for your elioflesh, the elioWay.


Classless, wireframing, css stylesheets designed to work with elioflesh, the elioWay.