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adon extends god with some development patterns for building jQuery prototypes which expect pronged tagNames as selectors.

With god taking care of the layout, by ensuring all your tags are laid out splendidly, you can use the patterns established in adon to style them in reaction to browser events. adon is there to answer question: What happens if I click this?

For instance, you might put the nav tag in hell which, if you think about it, is a perfectly logically place. You might want the nav tag to be sticky and show as a simple button, stuck against the left side of the button. When the user clicks the button, you want the contents of the nav tag to show.

Since god must take of the navs position, and eve its styling, all adon need do is execute an $('nav>ul').addStyle('visibility:visible'); when the nav is clicked.

But sometimes you might want something more complicated than that. adon's main job is to decide when and how to add and remove special className(s). These className must be unique to the adon and its CSS style for it.

god doesn't recognise classNames, and eve only in special circumstances, so the style for adon's classNames remains its control. adon likes classNames, but only its own classNames, which it can target to change the style triggered by user interaction.


adons - in principle - work in elioWays:

A cult, not a framework

  1. Only adon shall be responsible for jQuery style interactions with tagNames.
  2. adon's shall use classNames to apply the styling.

Terms and conditions apply. The adon retains the right to change these rules at a whim.