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eve alpha

eve extends god with some new, but consistent development patterns for styling pronged tagNames independently. eve provides a way to theme those tags when they are believers or atheists.

With god taking care of the layout (see god), you can use the patterns established in eve to pay attention to how those tags look.

For instance, you might put the aside tag in heaven or hell which, if you think about it, is a perfectly logically place. You might want the aside tag to look differently on pages in your theme when it is in hell to when it is in heaven.

That's okay.

eve shows you how to style tagNames with a version ready for when they are in pillar, heaven, hell; or simply an atheist i.e. not mentioned in the settings file at all; or just a standard inline tag like strong or a.


eves - in principle - work in elioWays:

In any one of god's CSS styles, a tag can only be in one prong or another. But with eliosin you can easily build different CSS files for different parts of the website. Treat eve themes like a completed sports sticker collection with a style for each tagName in every prong.

A cult, not a framework

  1. eve styles shall target tagNames not classNames.

Terms and conditions apply. eve retains the right to change these rules at a whim.