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god generates a tagName-only CSS stylesheet which lays out your standard HTML into a flexible wireframe made of three prongs.

Since we're doing things the elioWay - as discussed in eliosin - our attention is now focused on tagNames, not classNames.

god's job is to style the layout of the tagNames you have chosen to be part of your eliosin theme.


Behind the scenes, god divides the pages into three columns, which we call prongs.

In god's settings file, you choose which tagNames go into which prong. Any tagNames "pronged" (i.e. mention in god's settings file) will be known as believers.

You write your HTML with no class names, and with your believers written as siblings of a parent HTML element, called the container; preferably body or body>main.

god positions your content in the chosen prong and does all the responsive stuff web developers need for mobile development.

I'm in heaven.
I'm in the pillar.


god - in principle - works in elioWays:


  1. god shall only be used for page layout. Style your own forms.
  2. god layouts shall target tagNames not classNames.
  3. pillar hell heaven shall be siblings of the same container.
  4. pillar tags shall be laid-out as an equal-width, centred column.
  5. hell tags shall be laid-out left and heaven tags shall be laid-out right.
  6. No hell heaven shall be laid-out higher on the page than the following sibling pillar in the HTML source (examples coming).
  7. pillar content shall wrap when overlapping hell heaven.

Terms and conditions apply. god retains the right to change these rules at a whim.

eliosin Dogma