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In 1981 (or whatever) I watched Blake ask a glass box to "plot a safe course to the Andromeda system". So why, in 2023, does the computer need my description of an Address, or for me to add a deliveryDate field to a Delivery object and explain how it needs to be a Date type? Tim Bushell

all things shall be your prey

No more modelling. No more tables. No more SQL.

eliothing provides all the schema and data models you'll need, and describes a design_pattern.

Each record in the database is known as a "thing".

eliothing is a source for auto-generating MVC code, classes, models, views, and controllers based on https://schema.org schemaTypes, for existing frameworks, the elioWay.

eliothing Dogma

Thing Builders

thing is the most basic thingBuilder. It builds Things templated like T[T], where T is a class of Thing, listing other things of class Thing. thing will convert those as coordinates to https://schema.org jsonld valid, meaningfully named class types.



The npm run thing -- Thing --schema command will return:

  "Thing": {
    "potentialAction": "Text",
    "identifier": "Text",
    "sameAs": "URL",
    "url": "URL",
    "image": "URL",
    "alternateName": "Text",
    "description": "Text",
    "mainEntityOfPage": "URL",
    "disambiguatingDescription": "Text",
    "subjectOf": "Text",
    "additionalType": "URL",

You could easily reuse this to autogenerate MVC classes for a range of frameworks like MongooseJs and Django.

Begotten Things


In the grand scheme of Things, the elioWay.


Generating fake and random data for schema.org Things, the elioWay.


Converts schema.org into MongooseJs Model objects of Things which you can instantiate and save to a MongoDb, the elioWay.


Cruddylicious endpoints for your eliothings, the elioWay.


Instantly sexy, client apps built from eliothings and eliobones, the elioWay.